The Beach People

There is absolutely no question about it, the beach is my most happy place ever. It is actually a happy place for my entire family, where the kids can spend countless hours building sand castles, hunting for hermit crabs, and catching fish, which has become Ryder’s new fav. Whether it be a trip out east, or an exotic island getaway, I rely on certain essentials to make our beach visits more comfortable.

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We just got back from the Grand Palladium Riviera Resort in Mexico. The resort located on the Mayan Riviera coastline is famous for soft white sands, turquoise waters, and rocky coral shorelines. We spent most of our time on this beach or in their sea water pool!

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I brought to Mexico, our Beach People roundie blanket because it has become a staple in my beach bag for the past two years. I just love the new prints and patterns designed each season. Located in coastal towns known as The Northern Rivers of New South Wales Australia, this brand knows what like-minded beach lovers need at the beach. Even when traveling to a destination, I always bring a Beach People towel along so my children have a place to sit, when taking a break from their swimming and exploring expeditions. The towels are super easy to roll up and store in my tote or suitcase, the kids now reply on these funky roundies.

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About a month ago before our trip to Grand Palladium Riviera Resort, The Beach People introduced two new products to their luxe line; a Petite Roundie and a playful Petite Poncho! Needless to say, the new pieces inspired by their Earth and Sea collection are beyond adorable and just perfect for my littles especially when getting in and out of the pool or beach!

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With the current weather in New York, the summer months seem like they may be light years away, but when it comes time to get ready for the beach season, I suspect that I will be stocking up on The Beach People’s new petite collection. We are fortunate to have had a taste of what summer of 2017 will bring while we were in Mexico and cannot wait to share more about our travels!

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