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So, if you are reading this post now, it is Mother’s Day somewhere! I hope you are getting extra cuddles from your kiddies, as they share their handmade macaroni necklaces they created at school for you, with breakfast in bed, followed by some R&R at your local spa. And on the other hand, I’m sure there are those of you who are changing a dirty diaper, making breakfast for a little one or three year old, and have been up since 4am.

That’s just it about motherhood, it’s challenging but you wouldn’t change it for the world! This year, I am celebrating my 8th Mother’s Day, and am super blessed to have little ones to share the day with. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this aloud, but if you asked me seven years ago, if I saw myself with three children, I probably would have started to cry. When Ryder was about a year and half old, I was ready for number two. I was so enjoying my new role in motherhood, had an amazing community of moms whom I spent time with on a daily basis, and life was so much fun. With that, I was ready to add another little soul in the mix. I was confident we would get pregnant on our first try, because it was pretty easy conceiving Ryder. Well, after six months with no success, I knew something was wrong, and sought help from my doctor. I was shocked to learn that something was wrong with one of my fallopian tubes. She didn’t think it would be a big deal, since eggs typically drop from one side per month, it meant I only had a window every other month to get pregnant.

It felt like an eternity. I tried every natural way possible, I’m talking mayan massages, healers, acupuncture, until finally it was time to see a fertility doctor. This too was no easy road. Following three failed IUI’s, we took a break, and I wondered if it was time to come to terms with the reality that we may only have one child. Maybe we should focus on him, and realize that he alone was a blessing. That was the mindset for a few months and before throwing in the towel completely, we gave it one more try. This time enduring the full IVF process. Time, tears and prayers paid off, and I became pregnant with my Siella. Words like overjoyed, emotional and relived were just a few of the feelings. Ryder was going to have a little sister! I felt super lucky, never once taking for granted anything along the way. Throughout that pregnancy, I didn’t complain once about my aches and pains, because I knew just how fortunate we were to be pregnant again. Siella’s birth was another tough experience, but it was all worth it as we were now a family of four.

So for me, everyday is Mother’s Day. As much as my children are challenging at times, make me laugh, or make me cry, I reflect on how blessed and thankful I am to have created these little souls. Oh yeah, and you’re probably wondering how Gemma came along. I knew that I could not put my mind, my body or my family through the agonizing process of IVF again. We agreed that if it happened naturally or not, we were more than complete. Somehow, after only a month or two of trying, Gemma was created. And then we were a family of five!

In these many amazing years of motherhood, I have encountered many different brands for families and babies. One brand that recognizes the triumphs of motherhood is Pampers. They understand what is it like to bring a new baby into the world, as they are part of that adventure from the very first day. I had the opportunity to spend time with the Pampers team for a summit last month. While learning about their research, and watching their new ad campaign about motherhood, I was brought to tears many times! They just get it. They get us, they get me as a mama. This year, to capture that special feeling, Pampers would like to be among the first to wish moms a Happy Mother’s Day. They’ll be talking to moms at a time when they have their full attention, and likely no one else’s: the middle of the night! Watch this new video just in time for Mother’s Day!

And I want to wish you all a wonderful Mother’s Day. Even if your baby is too young to tell you the same, just know that you are doing an amazing job, and they know it too! To honor all of the moms, on behalf of Pampers, I will be donating $500 to one of my favorite organizations that supports mothers- Every Mother Counts! Every Mother Counts is a non-profit organization dedicated to making pregnant and childbirth save for every mother. Happy Mother’s Day Moms, and thank you!!



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