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The kids have been out of school for an entire month now, and just as I started to feel that it was moving at a manageable space, I realized that August is already next week! I’ve seen such changes in all three this year, and I’m in awe of how big they’ve grown. I’m super excited for them to conquer another school year, but I don’t want to rush things too much.

New sneakers and backpacks are always a must for back to school, and my go-to each year is Rack Room Shoes. I adore their selection of brands like Adidas, Skechers, Converse, and Nike for the kids, especially since each year their selection seems to get better and better! As much as I love shopping for my kiddies, and believe me I still do, it’s important that they like what I’ve picked out, especially since they’ve become so opinionated on their style, and dressing themselves in the morning. With this, I sat with them to choose sneaks and backpacks from Rack Room Shoes.

Heading to a new school, Ryder is in for the biggest change come September. For the first time ever, he will have a dress code, but fortunately his uniform guidelines are pretty lenient, only mandating that he wear a polo shirt with the school logo. This leaves him free to wear comfy sneakers, so we picked out these Adidas Daley K sneaker that have cool neon yellow stripes. He always seems to gravitate towards that brand, so it was no surprise that he wanted the Adidas NEO Classic Backpack as well.

Siella, our budding fashion designer as of late, is all about comfort, with her summer uniform consisting of tanks, shorts, and sneakers. She had to have these Skechers Rockin Stars, from the Rack Room site, which seemed to match her personality so well. The cool high-tops have super-shiny glitter, and they light up with every step. And like most kids, mine are emoji obsessed. She chose this Emojination Backpack that comes with an insulted lunch box. There’s a clear front pouch with all of her fav emoji’s and she has already started to pile in her school supplies!

Since Gemma always wants the same as her big sis, I knew the Skechers light up sneakers would be coveted, and steered her towards this Flutter Up style. They have the same features, but are just different enough for Siella to not get angry about Gemma always copying her!  I love the metallic wings on the sides, and the side zipper makes for easy on and off, ideal for hurried school mornings. For her backpack, we went denim, with this Global Patches one featuring fun and playful patches which are all the rage now. It’s the perfect accent for my little punky brewster!

Between now and August 14th, you can earn Double Rewards Points on Kids’ Shoe purchases at Rack Room Shoes, just in time for back to school! The kids are psyched with their new school digs, so I may need to hide everything so their sneakers don’t get ruined before the semester starts! But with all the great styles online at Rack Room Shoes, I may have to hit up the site once more before school starts!


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