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Its been about three years since Shopkins invaded our home, and Siella and Gemma have been obsessed ever since. There’s just something about these cute little characters like the surprise packs, and their funny names. Even I get excited when they pop open a package containing a new character, to mark off their lists. I love watching the brand evolve, introducing actual play sets and doll characters.

With all this hysteria, I cannot tell you how excited I was to hear that there was going to be a Shopkins Popup Macaron Café opening in our neighborhood. In fact, I may just have been slightly more amped than Gemma and Siella. At the cafe, Shopkins fans can (literally) step into the Shopkins world for the first time. The limited-time pop-up celebrated the new season of the collectible craze with the theme of World Vacation.

Tickets from Moose Toys went on sale for the three day event and sold out within minutes. I was lucky enough to snag a four top table for the girls on the last day of the popup. Unfortunately, the timing didn’t work out with Siella’s school schedule, so Gemma invited one of her best friends to join the experience.

Well, let me just say, the experience did not disappoint. The Parisian-themed Shopkins Macaron Café gave fans a taste of a real Shopkins world, modeled after one of the newest playlets, the Oh La La Macaron Café. Our afternoon included indulging in tasty sweet macarons and other treats, while glamming up with Shopkins manicures, and playing with their favorite Shopkins characters. We even caught a glimpse at the full Europe line in Shopkins World Vacation! All this, along with some fun Shopkins swag made for a great day!

We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter day and the girls are still talking about their experience! Hoping these popups will become a regular occurrence, so Siella can check it out one day too! The new Shopkins collection is available in stores now, perfect for your little adventurers!


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