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My holiday gift list seems to get longer each year and there are so many ladies in my life to buy for—my mom, sister, mother, cousins, and friends. These days, especially with women, I feel like everyone already has everything they need.

As you know I have been using and I am kind of obsessed with the accessories from O-Venture. The Big O Key Rings and Ossential Card Cases are so good. Isn’t life so much easier and more tolerable when the accessories you use to simplify things are actually really nice to look at?

Confession, I already have several different colors of the Big O Key Ring because well, even though I like to streamline my life, I still like to change it up. Lately, I am very into the holiday spirit with my red accessories. I keep all of my keys – house, car, and an extra set to hand off to the babysitter or my mom if they pick up the kids. All of my essentials make it into the Ossential Card Case and it is such a load off, literally because my old wallet was probably 10 pounds.

The Big O Key Ring is the perfect size to fit over your wrist so you can be hands-free. And the card case fits exactly what I need. As a mom of three who has a busy work schedule, being able to quickly run out with my essentials and still have the ability to hold hands crossing the street with Gemma or carry groceries home without stuffing my pockets is dreamy.

I am taking the easy route this year and stocking up on several combinations of O Rings and Ossential card cases for family and friends.

For my sister and mother (who I will tell not to read this post), I am definitely gifting the Combo Card Case and Key Ring. I can’t tell you how many times my mother has misplaced her keys. And for the guys, O-Venture makes really fun O-bOy mOney clips that look like binder clips! I think I need a few for surprise gifts or stocking stuffers!

O-Venture offers holiday shipping that guarantees your purchase will arrive by Christmas. Standard delivery orders placed by December 19 and expedited orders placed by December 21 will arrive by December 24!


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