Pint Size Cyclists

When we’re young we think the first freedom we get is a car. Not true, the first real set of wheels that signifies growing up and freedom and independence is a bike! Well, at least that’s the case for the suburbs. When you grow up in sprawling neighborhoods (typically sans sidewalks) a bike is your main connection to your friends and the only mode of transportation without mom and dad.

Living in the city changes the rules for kids a little bit. New York City is a walking city, especially living in Battery Park City, we pretty much walk anywhere downtown in fifteen minutes, if not we have access to public transportation that takes us to any neighborhood or borough.

We have been given a few bikes over the years (which are stored at my parents house) but the kids have yet to try them. Bikes aren’t a necessity in NYC, right? At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself. We have a tiny apartment and no storage. But until a recent trip where bike rentals were included, I realized holy cow my children don’t really know how to ride bikes! I’ve clearly been depriving my kids of the most fun and freeing activity ever but also of the opportunity to be fearless and gain confidence! Ryder is going to be nine this summer, so it is about time I put my NYC bike-riding fears aside and get these kids rolling! We found the perfect bikes from Kent International that are sleek, cool and perfect for their sizes.

Ryder is starting on a two-wheeler, we’re past the training wheel stage for him so it is all about a crash course on two-wheels. He’s riding the 20″ Boys Hyper Mountain Bike from Kent. This bike features a fully welded dual suspension frame as well as a downhill front suspension for enhanced control and a smoother ride. The Hyper also features 7 speed gearing with easier twist grip shifting, and even though we aren’t there yet he’s pretty stoked he will get to change gears!

Siella is learning on the Kent Girls Spoiler Bike, complete with handlebar streamers and a front pouch, of course. The 18″ Girls’ Spoiler bike is the perfect size for a child that’s too big for the 16″, but not quite ready for the big 20″. She was almost ready to shed her training wheels after a few runs, and I bet by next week she will definitely be riding on two wheels. And Gemma is loving the whole idea of riding a bike, training wheels and all, on her Kent Cupcake Girls’ 16″ Bike, which might just be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

I’m really excited with chose to go with Kent International, because after doing some research their primary goal is safety first. They use only the best materials in crafting their products to the highest quality standards, perfect for my tiny cyclists.

The bikes are parked in our entryway for now, but we’ll figure out the space issue. Maybe a ceiling mount? And since we live right by the water, they can bike on the promenade without worrying about cars or traffic. I’m so excited about their bikes and I really cannot believe we’ve waited so long! Jason and I just might get one for ourselves too! And did I mention they are available on Amazon, which made for super easy shipping!

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