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When it comes to fashion, fall is my favorite time of year. The crisp cool breeze in the air, the beautiful colors of the leaves, and the excitement of change. Coming off bright, light summer garb, fall pieces reset your wardrobe, likely continuing into your winter looks as well.

Last week, Brit + Co hosted a super fun event with JCPenney and had host Ali Fedotowsky showcase the latest fall trends this season. I’m a huge bachelor fan, and just love Ali’s style, so I couldn’t wait to hear what her favorites from JCPenney would be!

I was traveling during the event, so my friend and uber fashionable friend, Nancy attended in my absence. She is wearing a Libby Edelman Long Sleeve Mix Print Dress, one of my favs, and wait for it….$34.99! I wanted some velvet and found this one, for just $30.

JCPenney is a one-stop shopping destination, offering a variety of stylish, affordable fashion and beauty merchandise. Each season, I pop into the midtown store, and find the cutest pieces that are stylish, with some great price points. No joke when I tell you, some of my JC Penney outfits are the ones that has my friends asking me where they’ve come from. I get excited to tell them where and just how much I paid, because there reactions are usually priceless!

During the event there was a Salon by InStyle station, offering the perfect hair wave; a Sephora station for application of the hottest lip trend of the season- a two toned berry lip, a photo booth, and an earring crafting station with Brit+Co. And, if you’ve been on the hunt for some key trends this fall season, here’s what you need in your closet….Velvet, denim with details, a fashion sweatshirt, a top with sleeve detail, modern outer-layers, romantic tops and dresses, and army green! 

Now if only the weather would start to feel like fall, we can break out some of our new duds from JCPenney!

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