Mighty Fine Nine

This weekend, our first born turned nine years old, entering his final single digit year. That’s a a pretty big deal; but who am I kidding, every single one our kids’ birthday we celebrate is special.

Many of his friends are away this summer, so we’ve decided to wait to have a birthday party until school has started. Even without a party, his day still turned out to be pretty special. We woke up in the country, having spent the night at a friends house, and the kids even ate cupcakes for breakfast. Then we drove over to my parents house and spent the rest of the day with all four of his grandparents, aunts and uncles. The weather was picture perfect, which couldn’t make for a better day.

Looking back at Ryder over the last year, I am amazed just how much he’s grown, especially in the last three months. He went off to sleep away camp at the end of June, growing physically and maturing in the short 21 days away from us. Dare I say he almost came back a different person. He seemed more independent, more receptive to reading books, and more optimistic to try new things. Even fishing! Last week in Lake George he sat along shore for hours, casting and fishing! I was shocked that he knew how to bait the hook with live worms. Maybe he’s more of a nature boy and needs to be living somewhere in the country. Just kidding!

And speaking of new things, watching him surf this summer blew my mind. During his first lesson, the instructor urged him to get up on his first wave. He did, without fail, and never looked back. It was amazing to see his progression in just a week’s time. He loved it so much, I wish we could have done it one more week. For the last week of summer, we are headed to the beach so he’s eager to ride those waves again.

Come September, Ryder will be enrolled in a new school, and we couldn’t be more excited for him. Believe it or not, He’s pretty psyched too. Finally, he will be in an environment geared to teach him the way that he needs to learn with dyslexia. Sure, it will be a challenge for him, but that comes with any new school year. 

Happy 9th birthday to our one and only dude. We are so proud of you!


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