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Mornings before school are by far the most hectic time of the day, because getting three kids out the door by 8am is no easy task. Our apartment is typically left looking as if a bomb had exploded, but somehow, I manage to pull it off each and every day, even if my nerves have me twitching on the walk to school. After drop offs, I usually go to my local cafe, for a huge coffee before heading back to deal with the aftermath of our insane morning.

I start with unloading and reloading the dishwasher, making the beds, and picking up the trial of pajamas scattered around the house. I think our place looks especially turned upside down because of its size, so even if one thing is out of place, it just looks messy. So by the time I finish, it’s usually 9:30a, when I can finally begin my workday. Forget working out, or if I happen to have an early 9am meeting. This morning nonsense takes up a big part of my day. Even with the kids cleaning up their breakfast plates, it still doesn’t make a dent.

I always say how nice it would be, if someone could come on a daily basis, just clean up each morning. Well, apparently someone must have been listening, now there is a service called Slate. Slate is a daily home cleaning service that gives us moms what they want most: a spotless home! For as low as $25 a day, you can have someone come to your home just to tidy up, without committing to them for a minimum amount of time.

I decided to check it out for a week, and I think I am hooked! In the first 15 minutes of each day they tackle those same tasks of dishes, beds and picking up clothes, before moving onto specific requests for each day. On different occasions, I have had them deep clean the kitchen, then the bathroom, and then windows. Since the service is completely customizable, you can remove any of these default tasks, and add some of your own.

Each day, we had the same housekeeper arrive at the same time, which saves time from having to re-explain to someone new. She was in and out of our home in just two hours, freeing up those two hours for me to actually get work and other assignments finished. I’m super meticulous and I guess you can also say OCD but I honestly can’t get my work done until everything is in it’s place. And this service has been great. Overall, the cost was cheaper than hiring a full time person and I get to have the luxury of someone coming to clean “full time”.

Excited to partner with Slate NYC, and offer all SITC readers $50 off your first week of service! Use code “STROLLER” at check out!

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