Made By Siella

If you’ve been following my Instagram feed of the past week, you know that Siella spent a week in sewing camp! I’ve heard so many things about this program from my good friend Jennifer who has sent her daughter for the last three years. She would always text me pictures of her daughter’s creations, and each time, I would ask if Siella was old enough. Well this year, she finally made the cut!

On her first day, I walked her in, and had no idea what to expect; but from the moment we arrived, I noticed the sparkle in Siella’s eyes! She was overwhelmed by studio with its unique layout, and massive variety of fabrics, buttons, and glitter. Truthfully, by the excitement of all the campers, I’m shocked that unicorns and rainbows weren’t flying around the room!

At pickup five hours later, I literally had to pry her away from the projects she was working on. The entire way home she went on about a dress she was making. It was pink, long, two-toned, and I couldn’t wait to see it. I also noticed a glitter choker around her neck, which was her first completed project. She was uber proud of it!

On the 3rd day, her dress was ready, along with a flower unicorn headband! I mean can you die! Naturally, she had some assistance from the staff, but she did sew  all of the seams with needle and thread!

I’ve never seen her this enthusiastic about anything like this before. Each night, she planed her outfit and laid it out carefully, ready for when she wakes up before camp. She’s had Gemma’s ear for days, telling her about friends in class, and new ideas of things to make. For her next project, she told us that she wanted to make a gold heart shaped bag, with rainbow string; and sure enough that’s exactly what she came home with. Well that and a floral poncho! Oh wait and lip balm too, packed in tiny tubs with different scents!

But what she finished on the last day of camp took the prize. A black tank and high waisted skirt, that even had a zipper in the back! I mean, come on! I would wear this in a heartbeat! And that’s the gold glitter bag! I’m so proud of her, that I can’t even if begin to tell you!

She has since asked to do another week, and I couldn’t sign her up fast enough! In fact, I have enrolled her for the fall semester, for after school sessions! Now she just needs to make an outfit for her mama. Oh, and maybe a bag too!

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