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February is always a crazy month for us. The kids are consumed with creating little Valentines for their school friends, while looking forward to the week long winter recess. My birthday is just five days after Valentine’s Day, and three of my best girlfriends have birthdays this month as well. Jason is usually on the road, but makes it a point to be home at least one February weekend to celebrate Valentine’s Day and my Birthday simultaneously.

I already know Jason will be away for Valentine’s Day, so I decided to surprise him with a daytime date last weekend when he came home on the red eye. Our routines are always insanely crazy, as we are on the go like passing ships in the night, so I decided to have the kids sleep at my parents’ house. I knew he was landing around 6am and walking through the door around 8am, so I woke up early to prepare for our breakfast date.

We are big coffee drinkers, and I was eager to try out my new  Keurig® K-Select™ coffee maker. This model has a new Strong Brew feature that increases coffee strength and intensity with one touch. This is ideal for mornings when Siella or Gemma find their way into our bed overnight, perfect for this sleepy mama. The vintage red color keeps things vibrant and fun in my kitchen. It was the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the both of us!

Since I dig my caffeine, and Jason prefers decaf, Keurig® coffee makers have been our family’s brand of choice for years so we can brew our cups individually. I enjoy The Original Donut Shop® coffee, while Jason usually goes for the decaffeinated Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® Breakfast Blend coffee. The K-Cup® pods make it super easy for us to have a cup the minute we wake up, without having to wait for the entire pot to brew. By far, it’s my favorite feature about the Keurig® K-Select™ coffee maker.

Last Saturday couldn’t have been more perfect. Thankfully my mom took the kids, so I woke up super refreshed after a night of uninterrupted sleep. I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee while I straightened up the apartment and prepared for our morning date. I went out to Jason’s favorite bakery for donuts and croissants, and picked up his Green Mountain Coffee Roasters® Breakfast Blend coffee, in decaf of course. He walked in with roses for me, and we sat for hours, just catching up. As much as I love a night out with my man, a morning date ain’t too shabby. This morning was quite the contrary to the norm of our school commute! It was just what we needed to unwind.

Would love to hear your Valentine’s Day plans!



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