Little Red Wagon Day

Can you guess what today is? It’s National Little Red Wagon Day, and this year is extra special, because Radio Flyer is celebrating their 100th year anniversary! For most of us, Radio Flyer is synonymous with our childhood. I remember the their Classic Tricycle that was passed around between me and my siblings. That little bike was the best, taking countless trips up and down my block, and around the neighborhood, zipping down our streets. And of course, we had a Classic Radio Flyer Wagon, in which I toted my younger sister and brother around.

When Ryder was younger, his first bike was a Radio Flyer Tricycle because it was just such a classic, and totally made me reminisce about my childhood. That bike is still stored at my parents house, and I tell the kids that one day their children may ride that same bike.

Even my mom had a Radio Flyer Wagon when she was a kid. Since their classic red collection has been such fixtures in my family’s childhoods, I was excited when Radio Flyer asked me to design our very own Custom Wagon! With over 400 possible combinations, I took my time constructing the perfect wagon for my kids. Custom fabrications starts with selecting from one of three different bases, and tires. After you’ve decided on the bones, you can trick it out with cool accessories! I opted for umbrellas, mini speakers, fabric cushions and seat pads, storage compartments and cup holders. A personalized name plate on each of the wagon walls was the icing on the cake.

Jason and I wanted to surprise the kids, so he assembled the wagon while they were sleeping. When they woke, we showed them their means of transportation to school that day! The girls were psyched! I’m already looking forward to our new wagon for beach days this summer. The monster tires will make rolling through the sand a breeze!

And now it’s your turn! To celebrate Radio Flyer’s centennial, one lucky SITC will have a chance to Build Their Own Custom Wagon. Leave a message below, recapping your favorite Radio Flyer memory! Be sure to share your photos on social media, and tag #RadioFlyer100 GIVEAWAY ends 4/14! Good luck!


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