Our Inside Edition Debut

Like I said in a previous post, I am coming off of a four week stint, rocking the single mom thing, so any help is welcome. With this time on my own I am always in search of tricks and secrets for making my life just a little big easier, so let’s talk about parenting hacks! Last week, our family was listed by Dawn, from Momsanity, along with Inside Edition for some fun parenting hacks. 

The kids totally had blast while filming. I mean just watch…they were eating ice scream, not once but twice, as part of our demonstrations during the segment. Ryder even messes up the bathroom, and doesn’t get in trouble for it. If you watch the piece, you will see a yogurt cheat, that totally won over our household.

We filmed more tips than were featured in the cut, and of all that Dawn had to offer, the finger painting hack was my favorite. Just put a bunch of different paint colors in a sealed zip lock bag, and then tape it to the wall, so kids can still have the same sensory as finger painting, while avoiding the mess!

Check out the link to our segment below, and let me know which is your favorite!

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