Happily Ever After

Even as a young girl, I’ve always been into fashion. I vividly recall my mom taking me to the mall for shopping trips, looking through the magazines at the latest trends, and styling my outfits daily for school. When I broke my arm in 5th grade, I opt’ed for a pink cast, and for the six weeks I wore pink to match. My teacher told my mom she’s never seen anything like it before. Needless to say, it was only natural that I went to a fashion college, followed by a career in the fashion industry for years. When I had my first child everything change. I wrote my fashion days off when I sold my showroom just after my son was born, to focus on being a mom. To my surprise that didn’t happen at all. My new obsession was kids’ fashion, channeling my own style through pint size clothing. Now a mother of three, fashion is still a huge part in my life.Recently, I discovered a new shop in our neighborhood called Everafter. When I first walked in, I remember being impressed by how well everything was done, and they carried all my favorite brands. I didn’t know where to start shopping, because I loved everything. The clothes, shoes, accessories, and toys.  Most of the children’s shops down here cater to babies, but Everafter is for both boys and girls ages 4 and up. This shop was exactly what our neighborhood needed.

After a little over haul shopping with the girls, I started chatting with the sales person while checking out about how much I loved the store, and she informed me that Everafter was founded by husband and wife, Haro and Sari Keledjian, founder and former Fashion Director at INTERMIX. This put things into perspective, because INTERMIX was one of my favorite shops back in my fashion days, and I even sold them clothing lines from my showroom. They were the store I wanted my brands to get into when trying to get them on the map. My fashion days have officially come full circle.

Everafter is truly a one-stop shop to find the best designers, handpicked outfits from head to toe, and cool stuff for your kiddies. The store was designed to be a fun, colorful, and comfortable atmosphere, where kids can run around and play while there! Cool features like an interactive photo booth and outdoor garden keep kids entertained, and the shop is also involved with the community offering fun, creative events like nail art and trunk shows, on a weekly basis.The kids and I went to the shop right before school started to stock up on some essentials. With designers like Aviator Nation, Stella McCartney, Butter Super Soft, LA Made, I picked up a few things for each of them. The sales stylist helped me chose wisely, so that pieces crossed over, matching with other outfits.

Now in his new school, Ryder is required to wear a logo shirt during the week, but he can still choose the pants. Everafter had plenty of cool options for him. Siella fell in love with this Zoe Dress and Imoga Faux Leather Jacket, that I couldn’t resist for her! And Gemma didn’t want to take off this fur vest, which was the cutest thing ever. She already plans on wearing it for picture day!

Everafter now has three locations, Tribeca, on Madison Avenue, and Wheatley Plaza. I’m super excited to see where this childrens’ dream shop will open next! Bravo Everafter, this store is every child’s dream come true, making their shopping experience fun, and a little more pleasant for parents.


About Brianne

Once a fashion showroom owner now turned mom and blogger/writer. I live in NYC with my husband, three children and enjoy our fast paced city life. My blog Stroller In The City boasts about city living, kids fashion and all things that are mommy. Being a mom doesn't mean you need to lose sight of the cool stuff.