Egg-Straordinary Baskets

New York City weather has been unbearably rainy and gloomy for like two weeks now, eclipsing the fact that spring has technically begun. With umbrellas in hand, and galoshes afoot, we’ve done our best to welcome the new season and eager to celebrate one of my favorite holidays, Easter! This year, we will be in California for Easter, and the kids are so looking forward to it! While I’ve been busy arranging our travel and accommodations, I almost forgot something so important- the kids’ Easter baskets.

The Easter bunny is still very much alive in our house, and I plan on prolonging that magic for as long as I can. Since Peter Cottontail will continue to bring sweet treats for the kids, I need to stock up with Easter less than two weeks away. Running around to tons of stores to fill Easter baskets can be a drag, so I decided to try BJ’s Wholesale Club, which I joined in early December. BJs turned out to be a great resource for holiday shopping, and a staple for stocking up on bulk items our household ever since. 

While the kids were at school, I decided to play around making the kids baskets, to make sure I had everything on hand when we were Cali. I pulled out the bags of goodies I picked up from BJ’s, and got started.

What Easter basket would be complete without candy and chocolate. I normally don’t buy candy in such bulk, but Easter is the one of the few times when I ease up on our normal candy restrictions. BJ’s stocked plenty of easter themed treats, and those I can’t fit in the kids’ baskets, can be given out as treats for friends and family. And naturally, I had to buy some Marshmallow Peeps, because BJ’s offered these cute Peep stuffed animals in the packages, as well some fun Grow-A-Peep eggs.

As much as candy is the theme for Easter, I rather their baskets not be all about candy. Since all three kids enjoy reading, I always include an Easter themed book in each of their baskets. Friday nights are family movie night, so DVDs make another good gift. The kids are obsessed with the animated movie Sing, so I picked a copy up for the baskets. It’s one of the few movies we can watch together, that the kids will all agree on.

I can’t help myself but to include a couple of little toys in their baskets too. BJ’s toy aisle offered a pretty great range of toys for kids of every age. The girls have been obsessed with Shopkins over the past few months, so I grabbed a big box for them to share, along with a bracelet making kit, and Barbie doll each. Since the warm months will be here soon enough, I picked up a racing water slide and lacrosse kit for Ryder.

Feeling relieved to have checked one more thing off my list before spring break, and with a big family and sprouting youngins, I feel even better knowing that I saved a ton on everything I purchased. If you are not currently a member, BJ’s Wholesale Club is offering a chance to experience the club with a Three Month Membership trial for free! Happy shopping!


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