DIY Faux Cow Hide Rug

We have hardwood floors throughout our apartment, which I love, but the stark floor definitely needs area rugs to bring everything together. Rugs are such a great and impermanent way to change up any space,and with little ones, it is nice to have them play on a soft surface, rather than the cold hard floor.

Deciding that we wanted carpet was easy, but picking out the right one, with three active kids and two dogs is more stress-inducing than you think. There were plenty of factors to consider, like will it survive the foot traffic, how can I clean it, and not to mention the design and pattern selection.

Flor sells modular rug tiles, which are totally cool and customizable. Modular design means you can reconfigure and refresh the look without buying a new rug, and since the rug tiles can be disassembled, they can be moved from room to room. They are super durable, and did I mention they’re even washable? That feature is a godsend when you have kids and pets.

Some FLOR patterns are pre-made, but they offer an option to customize and design yourself. You can create your own bow patterns and color stories, with countless colors, styles and patterns to choose from. One of my favorites was their amazing DIY Faux Cow Hide Rug, which was super easy and fun to install. Plus I love that I can get a cool modern-farmhouse look with faux cowhide.

The DIY Faux Cow Hide tiles have the pattern outlines on the rear, allowing you to follow the pattern when you cut it out. Or you can get a little creative, like I did, and make it look like an abstract, asymmetrical cowhide. The tiles all kind of pop into place where you want, and you can move the pattern around.

My search for the perfect rug for our apartment has come to an end, and I definitely found the winner with the FLOR system. The kids really enjoyed the whole puzzle vibe of the carpet assembly, which tired out to be fun. What do you think?

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