Devastating Week

It all started last Thursday night when I heard the horrible news about the poor Krim family. I just couldn’t stop thinking about them and what they are going through. Their poor family will probably never be the same again and thoughts in my head of what the mom witnessed when she walked into that bathroom…I just can not imagine! I do not know them personally, but just felt a connection as they are residents of NYC and had young children. I held my kids closer that night and just counted my blessings.

We celebrated Halloween on Saturday in our neighborhood and also the preparation of the impending “Hurricane Sandy” that was coming our way. And still watching my kids joyed by all the Halloween fun, the Krims didn’t leave my mind. I felt guilty we were enjoying all this and she’s mourning her two children.

We later went to Whole Foods to stock up on supplies for the hurricane. I sat glued to the TV on Sunday waiting to hear what they would say about the storm and evacuations. By noon, we were told “Zone A” had a mandatory evacuation. For hurricane Irene we were told to leave, so in the back of my head I knew we were going to have to evacuate. Last year we fled to my parents house in Staten Island not knowing it was another Zone A. Not the smartest move, but we rode out the storm there and didn’t lose one minute of power or have an inch of water in the house. For this storm, the reporters were extremely adamant about how Sandy is going to be way worse than Irene. I called my father, who is always right about this stuff and his words to me… “this is going to be serious shit”. I knew at that moment we 100% had to leave our apartment and 100% we weren’t going to my parents house. We wound up getting a room at the Marriot in Midtown. By that afternoon we packed, us, the kids, and dogs and headed out. I hardly took any groceries we bought the day before because we simply couldn’t carry it all. I wound up giving my roast cooking in the crock pot to neighbors that were staying to ride out the storm because it had two more hours to go.


We were extremely comfortable at the hotel and I can’t speak highly enough about their staff being super accomodating to us. That night we set out for dinner figuring it will be our last hot meal for a while and to our surprised Starbucks and McDonalds were both closed by 5pm. I started to panic at that point knowing this was going to be bad. We stayed glued to the TV all day Monday waiting for Sandy to make land fall. As storm hit NYC and the surrounding areas, Jason and I stood in disbelief watching the TV. The water from the storm surge just piling into the city, our neighborhood, and New Jersey. My brother and I were texting back and forth about what was happening, as he and my parents stayed in their Zone A house. Then, I received a text from him, “the water is coming down the block and cars are all submerged”. He sent me a video that showed the crazy waves taking over their entire block. Panicked, I called them to see what’s going on and my mom said the water is rising, she ran down into my sisters apartment to bring her dogs up and the sound of terror was all over her voice. The water eventually stopped pouring in, leaving them with no cars, backyard demolished, and my sisters apartment pretty much trashed. They stayed there and are still there, luckily they can make it down the block since the water did recede for them. I know they are in a mess right now but we can’t get there or help them right now and I just feel helpless. I’ve been texting back and forth with them and of course they tell me “not to worry” which is easier said than done. With no power for them and not intending to be on for another 7 days, I don’t know how much longer they will be able to stay. Here are some pictures of what is happening over there.

That is water up to the car window

Now for us, we checked out of the hotel yesterday, managed to get a cab, and headed back to Battery Park City to see the damage, only to find out we never lost power. Elevator was working. I can’t help but feel horrible we actually have this luxury right now. I have friends that braved the storm in their apartments and now don’t have power or water and have to check into a hotel. Most of the city below 39th street are without power as the storm damaged a huge breaker when the tide came rolling in. It is expected to be up and running within the next four days. And BPC, the part that was suppose to be hit the worst is with power and water? Most bridges and tunnels are still closed at the moment. Subways are not up and running yet but hopes for tomorrow in very few select areas. Our region witness a horrible devastation this week. And the only thing we can do is hope, pray, and donate for all those in need. Some pictures Jason snapped while touring our neighborhood and Seaport (which is in bad shape).



I can’t help but feel so Thankful that we didn’t experience even an inkling of what most experienced and that my parents, sister and brother are OK, and everything that is gone can be replaced. Again, the poor Krims trying to mourn their two children during this time of chaos, how?!

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