Clean Start For Back To School

I was invited to participate in the #CleanStart campaign, sponsored by Lysol® at Walgreens. While I have been compensated, all opinions are my own.

At the moment, we are in the middle of summer, and loving every single minute of it, but still in the back of my mind, I am already thinking and planning for back to school. Over the years, I’ve learned, you can never be too early! In fact, I just ordered the kids’ backpacks and lunch boxes, because I knew if I didn’t get that done now, I would be running around like a crazy person, in the last week of August. Come September, Ryder, Siella, and Gemma will each attend different schools. There’s been plenty of talk about missing their friends over the summer, which is one thing that will make the transition back to school a little easier. With a new school season, comes the great feeling about a fresh start, all preempted with the excitement of gathering new clothing and supplies.

While there’s so much to look forward to for back to school, there are definitely challenges and new transitions to be faced. For one, I have yet to sort out drop offs or pick ups at three different schools, which is sure to be hectic. Our schedules will be packed to the brim with after school activities, homework, and tests. And one thing I will dread,that comes with school, is the large classroom full of kids and the abundance of germs, colds and of course the flu!

Lysol® has been the exclusive household cleaning product in our home for many years, maybe even forever. Our apartment is always fully stocked with Lysol® products and FINISH® DISHWASHING DETERGENTS, especially during the school year. Prior to walking out the door each morning, I always pull out my handy LYSOL® DISINFECTING WIPES in Lemon to wipe everything down, and spray their bedroom and backpacks with LYSOL® DISINFECTING SPRAY in Crisp Linen, to help kill germs they may have taken home. Lunch boxes and thermoses are thrown in the dishwasher each night with Finish® Quantum dishwashing detergent because I trust it gives them that deep clean. I am typically a crazy neat freak, but even more so when school starts! I mean check out this infographic below from Walgreens and Lysol® for back to school and you’ll see why!

This year, Lysol® is the exclusive household cleaning products brand partner for Box Tops for Education™ which helps earn money for participating schools. I love that our schools participate in this program, so why not support our school one clean surface at a time! Walgreens has always my first stop for stocking up on Lysol® products, because they consistently offer great deals and savings! And since their teachers usually ask for cleaning products on their supply list each year, I even buy extra for their classrooms! Be sure to check your Sunday paper for savings at Walgreens, along with in-store and online coupons.

  • You can buy Lysol for $2.49 (35 ct Wipes, APC cleaners, Bathroom cleaners), as found in the Sunday Paper in the Walgreens weekly ad or Walgreens stores at the shelf. Week of July 30th and week of August 13th.

Now with some school supplies out of the way, I focus on summer and the beach  for the next few weeks with my kiddies!

To celebrate back to school with a few less germs, be sure to enter Walgreens #CleanStart Sweepstakes and remember to join our Twitter Party August 22nd, at 8pm EST, for more prizes and tips on having a #CleanStart for BTS!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Lysol + Finish. The opinions and text are all mine.


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