Birthday Bowling

For months, Siella had been planning out her birthday party. She decided to have a separate friend and family party. While mulling over ideas for her friend party themes and locations changed several times before locking in an ice cream party, but for the family one, she was adamant about having a bowling party! I was psyched with her idea, because bowling is so much fun, and we don’t seem to do it enough!

On Friday, the actual day of her birthday, I booked some lanes at Bowlmor in Chelsea Piers. My mom, brother and sister joined us, so we needed two lanes for all of us. Bowling has certainly changed since I was a child. Remember those inflatable bumpers that took forever to be put in place, for a kiddie game? Nowadays, rails move up and down per player, and they even offer a ramp for kids to roll the ball down. This is great, because parents can play with their kids, and most of the time watch your kids kick your butts!

The black lights glowed in the dark setting, and fun music made the perfect setting for Siella’s special day. The girls didn’t stop dancing and singing the entire time, loving every minute of our family day. That is except when they were actually watching their bowling ball go down the alley, which then they took very seriously. It was hilarious to watch!

We ordered snacks and drinks while bowling, which kept us busy for three games! When the third game finished, they were ready to play one more, but since it was getting late we decided to pull the plug, and head home.

I was so proud of Ryder, Siella, and Gemma’s bowling skills! It amazes me how quickly kids can pick up a new sport! In fact, Ryder is so good, that I am looking into a bowling league for him.

I see many more bowling nights in our future, as I think we may have started a new family favorite tradition!

Bowlmor is offering season passes for free bowling all summer long, available for purchase now through Labor Day. Bowlers of all ages can buy a Summer Games Pass, ranging from $9.95-$39.95 for children 15 and younger and $15.95-$44.95 for  16 and older. Pricing varies by location, but all permit up to three games of bowling, every single day for the entire summer! This is the perfect place to cool down this summer while having a ton of fun!

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