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This past winter, the sick bugs have seemed to be especially vicious, as they made their way around school. With three kids, I am always eager to learn different ways to take precautions during these times, so I welcomed the opportunity to meet with Vicks® VapoRub™ at Recess NY in Dumbo Brooklyn, to hear tips on treating these nasty colds.

Recess NY is a fun play space for kids, so while Siella, Gemma and other kids were occupied, parents sat in another room listening to a registered nurse discuss ways for our kiddies to prevent spreading germs. Frequent hand washing is one of the most important things to remind our kids before they eat, and after they play. Teaching them to thoroughly scrub their hands together with soap and to wash for more than twenty seconds is key.

And since it is usually impossible to prevent them from coming down with a cold, it’s nice to know there is comfort in Vicks® VapoRub™ the #1-selling branded children’s cough cold product* – appropriate for ages two and up—is a topical cough medicine with medicated vapors. The vapors last up to 8 hours through the night.

For more than 100 years Vicks® VapoRub™ has been trusted to provide fast-acting, soothing cough relief. As soon as I smelled the Vicks vapors, I was immediately brought back to my childhood, because it’s the same rub that my parents used on us every time we were sick with a cough from a cold. Regardless of how minor it might be, it’s always a drag to see our kids suffer when they’re sick. With Vicks, there is some reassurance that they will get a better night of sleep.

After the event, the girls and I spent the remainder of the day in Brooklyn. I love how in NYC, you can sneak to a next-door neighborhood, and it feels as though you’ve escaped everything. Hoping  spring temperatures come soon, and cold-free kiddies!

* P&G calculation based in part on value sales data reported by The Nielsen Company through its Retail Scantrack Services in the US market to which P&G subscribes for the Respiratory Care Category for the 52 week period ending 06/04/16

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