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My kids are constantly trying new things, challenging themselves and it all makes me such a proud mama. I love first times… first food, first crawl, first steps,first rides. It took them each a day to learn how to ride a bike, and with every ride, they improve even more. Now when I watch them ride, it makes me think about the importance of that right of passage. You know the saying, “it’s like riding a bike.” Well, once you learn, you never really forget.

My girls had the chance to impart some of their own bike-riding wisdom onto their two-and-a-half-year-old cousin, Emilia, teaching her to ride a bike for the first time. Emilia was beyond excited, getting the hang of it in an hour or so. I think it helped that she was riding an adorable My Little Pony bike. Kids totally get into riding bikes themed with their favorite characters.

Dynacraft,selling bikes since 1985, is the largest privately held distributor of bicycles, scooters and battery-powered ride-ons in the United States. They have a large assortment of bikes for kids featuring multiple characters that the kids love, in plenty of colors and styles, all available on their website. When I was kids, I remember getting a Strawberry Shortcake bike, and I was over the moon. I never wanted to get off!

The Dynacraft bikes are not only sleek and cool but they are super durable and affordable, which is important when you are buying for multiple children! Gemma and Siella were psyched to teach their little cousin how to ride, but they were kind of more excited about the cool bike itself! The adorable My Little Pony 12” Girls’ bike has “Pinkie Pie” graphics, custom wheel inserts, a sturdy frame with adjustable training wheels, and my favorite hot pink “Pony Tail” streamers with deluxe handlebars,  And let’s not forget the My Little Pony handle bar bag to store your favorite things, along with a bell!

The moment of this whole bike riding experience that I will remember forever is the look of pride on Emilia’s face, once she figured out how to pedal. Siella is always showing Gemma new things and teaching her new skills, but this time Gemma felt like the big sister buy helping her little cousin. And Emilia can always say that her big cousins taught her how to ride on a My Little Pony bike, on the streets of New York City!

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