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Lower Manhattan has changed drastically since I moved here over a decade ago. We had very few restaurants and a hand full of shops here in Battery Park City. It certainly wasn’t the retail and culinary destination it is now. Battery Park City is now like a gated community within Manhattan and the surrounding lower Manhattan neighborhoods like Tribeca and the FiDi (Financial District) have so much to offer.


The newest and coolest attraction downtown is the amazing and long-awaited World Trade Center Transit Hub “Oculus” designed by Architect Santiago Calatrava along with the impressive Westfield Shopping center. The massive building is pretty intense from the outside but inside the view is jaw-dropping. We are able to walk underground from the Brookfield Place through the massive white steel bones of the building right into the Oculus. The whitewash walk is surprisingly smooth and soothing.

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We recently took our Baby Jogger City Tour stroller out in downtown to see our newest neighborhood destination. Even though downtown is pretty stroller friendly there are plenty of tight squeezes and places where elevators seem scarce and the stairs are our best option. And with all the restaurants it is nice to have a stroller I can quickly fold up and tuck away or hand off to a hostess. We spent half the day strolling around the mall doing a little shopping and taking in the stunning view. A lot of our time was spent dining and shopping at Eataly where we sampled lots of cheese and gelato. We stowed the City Tour stroller at the restaurant without disrupting other patrons or inconveniencing the staff. We spent so much time pretending to be tourists that Gemma even took a nap on the walk back to Battery Park! The Baby Jogger City Tour stroller’s multi-position reclining seat was a life saver and the extended canopy was perfect to cocoon Gemma in so she could get a little rest.

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The Baby Jogger City Tour stroller is designed specifically with city living and traveling in mind. The stroller is lightweight and compact. It has a one-hand fold and weighing in at 14 pounds it is ideal for travel on the subway, bus or plane – it even stows easily at restaurants. We have been cruising all over our neighborhood in the City Tour the Battery waterfront, multiple playgrounds, and my new favorite place is the World Trade Center Westfield Mall. Lower Manhattan is truly one of the best places to stroll in New York and I’m not just saying that because I live here in the center of the action.

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Of all our strolls through this fascinating city, the best stroll has to be the one we take downtown heading home. The Hudson River promenade doesn’t disappoint and the view from our high-rise apartment never gets old. What are some of your favorite stroller routes? Is it the walk to school in the morning? Or the Saturday morning family walk to the park? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section. And head over to BabyJogger.com to see where your City Tour can take you!

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